Successful Website Tips

Basic Mistakes While Taking Business Online
Why do most online businesses fail and what precautions can be taken for the online Business?
there can be many reasons for why Online Businesses fail: 

Here are common problems that many Online Businesses face, below are guidelines that one should consider when setting up a new Online Business and taking the Business Online:
Starting a new online business without having a "BUSINESS PLAN" may cause many businesses to fail.
Jumping into the Online Business without having knowledge of the "WEB TECHNOLOGY".
Chosing a meaningful/ attractive and short "WEBSITE DOMAIN NAME".
Setting up a Online Business, without understanding the "CUSTOMERS" (Clicks/ Web Traffic/ Leads/ Visitors) and "SUPPLIERS" (Merchants/ Agents/ Marketing agencies).
Not using new and proven "IT/ WEB TECHNOLOGY "at the right time and at the right place (Website Designing and Development Language and Hosting Services).
Companies Design their Online Shopping Website without "WEBSITE EVALUATION MODEL".
Most of the unsuccessful online shops do fail due to lack of "MARKETING/ PUBLIC RELATION (PR)", the companies make their online shop but do not market their Products or Services (SEO, SEM, PPC/ CPC, CPA).
Some of companies, after making their Online Shop feel very comfortable which causes disaster, and do not "MAINTAIN" and "UPDATE" according to demand of customers and suppliers.
There are many Websites and Online Businesses, but what one needs to be aware of is all businesses have "COMPETITORS". 
New businesses take competition as a serious threat that could possible affect their business. 
However competition should be regarded as more of being a challenging factor and for the use of motivation.